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Welcome to CMUK.

What CMUK. is all about: 

CMUK. is the lifestyle sneaker that enables you to explore your hometown or the world without having to sacrifice style, ease and comfort. Lightweight and compact, these anytime-anywhere shoes are your companions all day long.  Wear them to grab your morning coffee, don them while walking to and from the train, show them off at work, sport them as you’re commuting on your bike or slip them on before you head to yoga. Better yet, make them your travel mate on your next vacation.


                                 CMUK. Pronounced “SMOOK”

Washable and quick-dry, CMUKs are perfect at the beach on the sand or in the water, comfortable as you walk around all day long, and versatile enough to keep you comfortable and looking good into the night.  We set out to design a shoe that would deliver on four things: style, comfort, quality and versatility. We’re proud to have hit every one of those with a range of shoes so well designed, and so comfortable, you’ll probably want to sleep in them.


CMCMUK. History:


Shaun:  Back in 2002, I was living in Rome and stumbled upon a new Italian product that was at the forefront of the creation of urban sneakers.  

This sneaker was practical; it provided the functionality of an urban walking shoe but also looked good.  It was on display in the windows of boutique retailers and was sported by people of all ages.  I bought a pair, and for the next several years I was hooked…

Until, in 2010, I discovered my next sneaker passion on the beach in Melbourne.

I found the first iteration of this shoe in St. Kilda.  I bought a couple pairs and wore them for the next several years (and still do today).  They were lighter and more travel-friendly than my Italian shoes, plus they were more colorful and stylish.  People complimented them – or eyed them with envy 😉 – every time I was wearing them, and I knew I had to bring them to North America.

CMUK. is now better than ever.  We’ve taken the initial design, made some improvements for further style, stability and comfort, and are ready to introduce you to CMUK. 

CMUK. brings you stylish footwear that works for any stop on your travel itinerary, and most on your social calendar.

CMUK. is the Perfect Travel Shoe and the Ultimate Walking Sneaker. CMUKs are lightweight, fold nearly flat, washable, dry-fast, vegan and have a sturdy insole. Truly Anytime, Anywear.

If you’re active, and looking to Take on Your World Feet First,  CMUK. is the sneaker that is your sidekick all day long.


Take on Your World Feet First.




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